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Face to Face Program

MAR30818 Certificate III in Maritime Operations

(Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Near Coastal) 

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Method of Delivery

QMTS understands that for some students  distance learning is not an option and they need to complete their studies in a classroom supported by a trainer. For these students QMTS provides the supportive learning environment of our face to face program.

The units of the MAR30818 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Near Coastal) are delivered  in a 16 day face to face  program. Students have 12 months (if required) to complete all theory and practical components of their program.

The delivery of the qualification will be in a face to face classroom environment and includes:

  • Face to face theory training and workshops
  • Comprehensive practical training
  • An AMSA Task Book completed in a real workplace under the supervision of a suitably qualified person and authenticated by QMTS  may be required before a qualification can be issued.
  • Complete Assessment for the qualification is delivered through –
    • Assignments (completed each evening after training at home)
    • Assessments (quizzes completed at the end of each week during assessment and study time)
    • Practical Tasks (assessed through-out the program)
Qualification – Units of Competency

This qualification consists of 17 core units which must all be completed to satisfy the requirements of the training package.

Please refer to the Course Information Sheet for more details on unit specifics.

 Face to Face Dates – Taking bookings for all courses

2019          04 Feb – 01 Mar (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          07 May – 31 May (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          05 Aug – 30 Aug (Manly, Brisbane) 

2020          13 Jan – 03 Feb (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          05 May – 25 May (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          24 Aug – 14 Sep (Manly, Brisbane)

MARSS00008 – Shipboard Safety Skill Set Course Dates
(A Shipboard Safety Skill Set is delivered at the beginning of each workshop)

2019          30 Jan – 01 Feb (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          26 Feb – 28 Feb (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          01 May – 03 May (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          26 Jun – 28 Jun (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          31 Jul – 02 Aug (Manly, Brisbane)

2019          30 Oct – 01 Nov (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          08 Jan – 10 Jan (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          29 Apr – 01 May (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          24 Jun – 26 Jun (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          19 Aug – 21 Aug (Manly, Brisbane)

2020          25 Nov – 27 Nov (Manly, Brisbane)

Credit transfer or Recognition to Prior Learning (RPL) may be available for these units.  Please contact QMTS Administration for further information
Classroom Location

The QMTS Training Centre is located at The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly, Brisbane.

For further information, bookings and enrolments

Contact QMTS Administration on 0498 489 405 or click on the button below and complete our online enquiry form. 

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MAR30818 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Near Coastal)| MED 2 | Brisbane Queensland

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