“Sean has a really good way of explaining things and he made the course enjoyable. I struggled with a few things and he took time to explain them in more depth.”

Nathan.R (Coxswain Grade 1)

“I have now studied with QMTS over a few years completing my LROCP, Cox NC1, Master <24, MED 2, and Master <35.  I have found QMTS at all times to have the best interest of my studies at heart.  The staff at QMTS have gone out of there way on several occasions to help me resolve issues or answer questions I have had about the course and application processes for my tickets.  They have always been approachable via phone, email and in person and have been fantastic to deal with.  The face to face training delivered by Nev has been exceptional and has prepared me well for my orals and in the maritime work-place. Online training resources are great and I have recently been working on my Master <35’s while at sea and have found it easy to access the relevant resources and assessments via their online portal. I have recommended QMTS to several of my colleagues looking to upgrade their qualifications and will continue to do so into the future. I cannot thank Nev, Colleen, Brooke, Sarah, Melissa and the rest of the crew at QMTS enough for helping to obtain my tickets.  Keep up the great work guys!”

Justin.W (Coxswain Grade 1, MED Grade 2, Master up to 24m, Master up to 35m)