Are you struggling with obtaining the necessary Sea Time for your qualification?  Are you struggling to find someone to help sign off your Task Book?    

If you have answered yes to either of these two questions we can now offer you a solution.


Book a Day out on the water with us to gain Sea Service Hours & sign tasks off your Task Book.

  • Most beneficial for Coxswain 1 & 2
  • 7.5hr Day = 1 Day Sea Time
  • 5.8m Ridgid Inflatable Vessel with an Outboard Engine

QMTS has just purchased a training vessel to help Coxswain Gr1 and Gr2 students complete their Task Books and Sea Service requirements.  

These Sea Service and Task book days will include a day out on the water on board a commercial vessel where certain Tasks will be signed off to help with Task Book completion. Scheduled for every Friday from our Manly training facilities these days will require a minimum number of 3 students to attend.

  • Cost = $200 a day
  • Limited time offer – BUY 5 get an additional 6th day free

If you are interested in booking in for one of these days please contact the QMTS office for more details and availability.


Please contact us for more information:

mob: 0498 489 405