QMTS have a number of vessels that are used for student training.

Our fleet of 5 training vessels provides a wide variety of experience for all levels of training and includes –

outboard powered rubber duck for trainingThe 4m outboard powered rubber duck “RQ1” is used for basic outboard training in the Coxswain, MED 2, and MED 3 courses and beginner manoeuvring for Coxswain and Master 5 student.

rubber duck used for trainingThe 6m rubber duck “Hume Campbell” is used for similar training to the “Waterloo” but introduces students to a more complex wheel steered vessel.

inboard training boat for coxswain studentsThe 10m inboard single screw Steber “Vic Frizzell” is our main training boat for our coxswain students used for general seamanship training and drills, practical navigation and engineering. This vessel is used for coxswain practical assessments.

charter fishing vessel for master 5 trainingThe twin screw 16m charter fishing vessel “Big Cat” with its state of the art electronic navigation systems is the main training platform for the Master 5 and Master 4.

car and passenger ferry used for master 4 trainingIn addition to “Big Cat” the 60m car and passenger ferry “Mi Cat” is used by Master 4 and 5 students for practical navigation, stability and manoeuvring.