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SIS20213 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation


Method of Delivery

The delivery of this qualification will be in a face-to-face classroom environment and practical training will be delivered in the water.

The Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation will include face-to-face training (7 days in total), e-learning units for the Scuba and Boating clusters, in-water activities (including 4 open water dives which are done over 2 days separate to the face-to-face component) and various on-line and study activities (approximately 5 hours per week).

The duration of the course is six (6) months, however this may vary depending on a student’s commitment to the training plan.

Please Note:

  1. Students will be expected to complete all e-learning units before attending both the Scuba and Power Boating units.
  2. The open water dive assessment (cost inclusive of course) must be pre-booked by the student at least one week in advance (weather dependant). Assessment will take place at Sunreef Diving Facilities in Mooloolaba.
  3. E-learning units for all other clusters can be completed at any time prior to course expiry.

The delivery of the qualification is facilitated through a blend of different modes and the students are able to choose from one of the following delivery modes:

  • 10-week semester course
    • One half-day per working week (totalling five days) and
    • Two weekend days (totalling two days)
  • 6-week semester course
    • One half-day per week (totalling three days) and
    • Two weekends (totalling four days)
  • 7-day School Holiday Course

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in performing core skills in outdoor recreation environments and assisting with the conduct of a range of outdoor activities.

Work may be undertaken as part of a team and will be performed under supervision. Work will be undertaken in field locations such as camps or in indoor recreation centres or facilities, in differing environments such as water-based, dry land and mountainous terrains, using a diverse range of equipment.

Eligible Applicants

Students in grade 10, 11 & 12

Entry Requirements

SCUBA Diving Stream

Students must complete the PADI medical exam to be able to do the SCUBA Units of this qualification.


As some of the resources are contained in a dedicated learner portal, a student must have access to a computer (with Microsoft Office software).

Free Wi-Fi is available during training.

As students will undertake training in the use of the QMTS student portal they will require basic computer skills to complete the course without disadvantage

Qualification – Units of Competency

This qualification consists of 5 core units & 10 elective units which must all be completed to satisfy the requirements of the training package.

Please refer to the Course Information Sheet for more details on unit specifics.

On completion of course students will also receive:

  • 4 Credit Points towards their QCE Higher Certificate, Diploma-level study & University study plus
  • 1 Credit Point towards their QCE Higher Certificate for completion of the PADI Open Water Diver Course
  • A First Aid Certificate
  • A Queensland Recreational Marine Drivers Licence (RMDL) – Speedboat Licence (age restrictions apply)
Course Dates
7-Day School Holiday Course

2019      06 – 12 April (SCUBA – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

2019      13 – 22 April (SCUBA – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

2019      01 – 07 July (SCUBA – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)    CLASS ALMOST FULL 

2019      08 – 14 July (SCUBA – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

2019      23 – 29 September (SCUBA – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

2019      30 September – 06 October (SCUBA – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

Classroom Location

QMTS Training Centres are located in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

  • Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
    578 Royal Esplanade
    Manly, Brisbane
  • Sunreef Mooloolaba
    The Wharf Mooloolaba
    123 Parkyn Parade
    Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast


For further information, bookings and enrolments

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